“Developing a personal sound on the saxophone requires a deep study into all of the possibilities the instrument and our imaginations will take us. This book Saxophone Sound Effects will set you on your way.”

– Joe Lovano (Grammy Award Winner)


“Until now, there was no primer for ‘extended techniques’ on trumpet. This one Trumpet Sound Effects is thorough and well mapped out. Even experienced trumpeters will find new material here. For trumpeters of any style and experience level, this book contains most of what they will need to expand their vocabulary through sonic exploration. May all trumpeters put these techniques to good use in the service of the music!”

– Dave Douglas (Grammy Award Winner)


“Ueli Dörig’s book Flute Sound Effects provides you with all sorts of ways to extend your flute technique, whether merely for a fun little look at the “dark side” of flute playing, or to incorporate into a professional avant-garde approach to the long-established conventions. Either way, you will find this a delight and an inspiration to experiment. Wait for a rainy day, pour a glass of something nice, pucker up, and prepare to surprise yourself!”

– Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull, Grammy Award Winner)


“Ueli Dörig has compiled a comprehensive book (Saxophone Sound Effects) on the multitude of sounds available from a saxophone, sounds that will expand your expressive palate. Congrats on a great book!”

– Bob Mintzer (Grammy Award Winner)


“This book Trumpet Sound Effects delves into trumpet sound effects almost akin to using a prepared piano, or Zappa playing a bicycle on the old Steve Allen Show. The sections on circular breathing, split tones, electronics and utilizing growls, flutters, lip bends and everything in between, will definitely give students and professionals alike, other directions in trumpet playing to set their sights on. Well done!”

– Randy Brecker (Grammy Award Winner)


“Ueli Dörig’s book Flute Sound Effects is a treasure trove of information for flutists seeking to expand their range of expression and develop their own unique sound. This book, while challenging, is fun, and provides the player with endless possibilities.”

– Nestor Torres (Grammy Award Winner)


“Presented with a sense of humor and wit, Saxophone Sound Effects is a wonderful compendium of available colors and extra-musical sound effects on the saxophone.”

– Dave Liebman